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With just under three months to go until Chritsmas, Luxury British retailer Fortnum & Mason have unveiled their top of the range Imperial Hamper and its priced at £6k.

On it's website Fortnum & Mason state "When it comes to this Christmas hamper, bigger is most certainly better. Inside the many hampers that make-up The Imperial, you will find every delicious thing for the very merriest Fortnum’s Christmas imaginable."

Packed with the brand’s most decadent food and drink gift with well over 50 items included, it's designed to set the lucky recipient up for the entire festive period (and into the new year).

As you might expect, the Imperial hamper is all about luxury Among the nine bottles of wine and spirits are vintage Champagnes by Krug and Dom Ruinart, plus a Dow Vintage port from 1985. On the food front, Beluga Caviar and smoked salmon are packed alongside Glenarm Salt Aged Beef, a whole Christmas ham and 11 of Fortnum's condiments and preserves.

On the sweet side of the food front, there are Florentines, Griottes, Christmas Pudding, Iced Christmas Cake, Pruneaux D’Agen, Elvas Plums, Stollen Log, Pannettone, Napolitains, Handmade Chocolates and Griottes – not to mention biscuits, nuts, honeys and preserves waiting to be devoured.

To order yours visit Fortnum & Mason


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