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Jaeger Le Coultre unveils the Reverso One Precious Flowers a homage to two exotic flowers with three new designs ...

The case-back of the Monoface model naturally offers itself as a canvas for artistic expression, inviting the artisans of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Métiers Rares™ atelier to exhibit their exceptional skills in the decorative crafts and jewellery techniques. The Reverso One is now home of two exotic flowers: birds of paradise and hibiscus expressed as three limited edition of 10 pieces each.

Featuring tropical flowers, these exceptional watches are objects of rare beauty. Combining the skills of gold-leaf paillonnage, enamelling and gem-setting, each of these masterpieces requires hundreds of hours of meticulous work.

The colourful tropical patterns cover the case-backs and wrap around the case sides to frame the white mother-of-pearl dials. For a jewellery look, grain-set diamonds decorate the gadroons and lugs and the winding crown is adorned with a reverse-set diamond. For the first time on this model, the enameller uses tiny pieces of 24-carat gold leaf (known as the paillonnage technique) to add texture and brilliance to sublimate the warm orange and golden tones of the flowers’ inflorescences and stamens.

The Birds of Paradise model, symbolizing freedom and joy, features a mesmerizing display of orange and golden tones, reminiscent of the eponymous flower. Employing the ancient technique of champlevé enamelling, artisans painstakingly apply layers of enamel to create nuanced details and vibrant colors. The addition of 24-carat gold leaf lends texture and brilliance to the design, while snow-set diamonds add a touch of sparkle, resulting in a total of approximately 331 diamonds for 1.64 carats.

The Hibiscus Enamel and Hibiscus Diamonds models showcase the quintessential tropical flower in all its splendor. The former, adorned with delicate blue and green enamel, features a background of Grand Feu enamel enveloping the convex case-sides, a first for the Reverso One series. The latter, Hibiscus Diamonds, dazzles with its rich blue flowers and meticulously set diamonds, totaling approximately 523 diamonds for 2.02 carats.

Reverso is inextricably linked to the Art Deco movement that emerged in the 1930s (echoing the birth of Reverso in 1931) and these three limited-edition timepieces celebrate a particular style: Tropical Art Deco.


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