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Capturing the iconoclast spirit and rock attitude of an era, Bvlgari introduces the Barocko High Jewellery collection, a bold, colourful and precious collection highlighting links between the Maison, the city of Rome and the Baroque style....

For over 130 years Rome has been the muse of Bulgari thanks to its vibrancy, architecture and colourful aesthetic and with its newest collection the Maison embraces its heritage taking inspiration from the 16th century Roman Barouque period.

With rich kaleidoscopic colours, extraordinary light effects, fanciful shapes and exquisite details, Barocko is one of the most alluring new collections in a while embracing both eccentricity and sophistication in perfect balance.

Under the guidance of creative director Lucia Silvestri, Bvlgari have sourced some of the rarest and most precious stones in the world for these one-off pieces, their beauty harnessed by the brand’s skilled artisans.


Spectacular like a statue, sinuous like a dress, the Ruby Drapery ring is inspired by Baroque sculptures, also known as “living marbles”. Highly expressive due to their dynamic poses, fluid movements and swirling draperies, these masterworks perfectly epitomized the creative vision of an era.

Drawing from this aesthetic approach, Bvlgari successfully takes on the challenge of crafting precious metals and gemstones - hard and rigid by nature – into a piece of extreme vitality and motion

Flawlessly three-dimensional, the Ruby Drapery ring flaunts an extraordinary construction that can be appreciated from any point of view. Crafted with white gold, diamonds and sensational ruby the Ruby Drapery is a masterpiece of both nature and human ingenuity.


For the first time, Bvlgari juxtaposes natural fancy pink sapphires and Paraiba tourmalines.

The amazing gold arabesques literally flow among the stones, giving an ultra-modern take on Bvlgari’s iconic “bib” style: a swirl of femininity.


Emotion, pathos and passion: Rome’s Sant’Angelo Bridge is one of the highest expressions of Baroque architecture.

With its ten magnificent angel statues, the iconic landmark inspired the Wings of Rome necklace, a diamond masterpiece of overwhelming beauty. As the master of gemstones, Bvlgari brings its creative approach to the world of diamonds – multi-shaped diamonds are tilting upwards as if they were sparkling feathers attached to the wings. Rich in movement, lightness and compelling vitality, the jewel is an imaginary walk through the marvels of the Eternal City.


Bvlgari revisits its iconic sautoir from the 70s in a contemporary key. The perfect whiteness of the pearls (a staple of Baroque jewellery) combines with the bright colours of amethysts and rubellites endowing the necklace with a playful and extremely feminine rhythm. The precious melody culminates in the pendant featuring a magnificent Jaipur rubellite of 60,79 carats whose intense colour seems to conceal a seductive and mysterious fire.

Reimagining the classic string of pearls into a piece of pure exuberance and colour, Bvlgari crafts an ultra-modern sautoir around a showstopping 60.79 ct rubellite. Smooth amethyst and rubellite beads of various dimensions give the piece an exquisite sense of movement, while the swaying tassels and the sophisticated diamond decorations testify the synergy between the expert hands of the Maison’s craftsmen and the creative vision of its designers.


A tribute to one of Rome’s most powerful noble families, the Cabochon Exuberance necklace is inspired by the Horti Farnesiani, a spectacular secret heaven in the heart of the Eternal City that hosted luxuriant parties during Baroque.

Drawing from the decorative motif of the Palazzo’s scenic façade, Bvlgari envisions a bold jewel, large in proportions, generous in colour and abundant in sophisticated details.

Eleven cabochon gemstones of exceptional quality, colour and weight are combined together in one single jewel. A rare gem set put together with patience and determination. Each of these spectacular gems could be individually set in stand-alone jewels: with its MAI TROPPO approach, Bvlgari combines them into one amazing necklace with matching earrings for a daring chromatic explosion.


Imagination has no limits. Capturing the visionary spirit of Baroque, the Mosaico necklace is a masterful blend of movement, dynamism and shapes. Rich diamond geometries intertwine with a constellation of round emeralds, in a dramatic crescendo of sparkle and luminosity. A unique set of 18 rare round brilliant-cut emeralds culminates with the magnificent Zambian emerald of 5,30ct surrounded by pure white diamonds

An opulent design, conjuring the most iconic architectures of the era all impeccably executed despite their complexity.

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