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Aimed at fulfil the booming demand for new experiences and adventures associated with yachting, and based upon the rapid technological development in the eVTOL sector, Klissarov Design has unveiled Acro an ultralight recreational eVTOL concept vehicle..

Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show Klissarov Design, an independent vehicle design studio based in the French Riviera revealed “Acro,” an eVTOL concept vehicle aimed at the yachting world.

Suitable to carry one passenger from ship to shore, the ultra-light aircraft's propulsion system is based on a cutting-edge cycloidal rotor technology, which allows for full 360-degree thrust vectoring, exceptional maneuverability and stability. This new breed of aircraft will not only provide the ultimate flight enjoyment and safety above the water but also the ability to land on yachts in almost any sea/weather condition.

The very low noise pollution, electrical propulsion system and compact form means the the vehicle will no longer require a traditional helipad for landings. Instead, it will be able to touchdown on any regular old deck.

Handling the Acro will be pretty easy too, equipped with just dual joysticks (no pedals required) and two screens for enhanced visibility it will come with several different flight modes plus AI-assisted “Acro” mode to assist in any emergencies and if all else fails it also has an emergency ballistic parachute.


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