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To mark the 20th anniversary of the CC8S the first production car ever made by Koenigsegg, the Swedish hypercar firm has unveiled a new updated version titled the CC850...

Unveiled at The Quail during Monterey Car Week the new CC850 not only celebrates the cars 20th anniversary but also pays tribute to the company’s founder and namesake, Christian Von Koenigsegg 50th birthday with just 50 cars of the new model CC850 made avaible worldwide.

Shaped very similarly to the original CC8S with its minimalistic, clean, efficient and elegant styling the CC850 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine generating 1,366 bhp (1,385 PS / 1,019 kilowatts) in this application when running E85 fuel or 1,185 hp on gasoline

Fitted with the world-first Engage Shift System (ESS), the 6-speed manual transmission that also can run as a fast 9-speed automatic allows for different gear ratios depending on the driving mode, providing tailored experiences based on road or track use.

Only six speeds of the nine-speed transmission are available at any given time, however, the specific gears will vary depending on the drive mode. As such, all nine speeds will be accessible. You'll just have to switch modes to get to them.

Pricing and availability for the CC850 will be announced later.


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