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Luxury Marques Lotus collaborates with British luxury fountain pen brand Onoto, in celebration of the 75-year heritage of Lotus..

Lotus has unveiled a unique collaboration with Onoto, the distinguished handcrafted, British luxury fountain pen brand, in celebration of the 75-year heritage of Lotus. In 2023, Lotus reflects on 75 years of innovation and success, which have unquestionably helped shape the motoring and motorsport landscapes of today and have created some of the world’s most renowned and loved cars.

Both companies are dedicated to the highest levels of British craftsmanship and are thrilled to unite in this partnership. A milestone occasion, it provides an opportunity for Lotus to showcase its unwavering commitment to industry-leading excellence.

This exclusive collaboration between Lotus and Onoto has resulted in the creation of an iconic limited-edition pen, with a RRP of £2995 / €3,785. With Aluminium being the principal material of choice for Lotus Cars, from the very first Lotus MK1 in 1948, the exquisite writing instrument is crafted using premium quality recycled aluminium sourced from historic Lotus Formula One cars. The aluminium has been sourced from significant car designs throughout the 75 years of Lotus, in particular the Type 72 which was one of its most successful and iconic Formula One cars, adding a touch of British heritage to the design.

The renowned "ACBC" personal monogram – the initials of Lotus Cars founder Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman (CBE), known to all as Colin Chapman – is showcased on the finial of the pen, enhancing its elegance. In honour of the remarkable history of Lotus, this writing tool is the perfect example of two exceptional brands coming together to create something truly unique and timeless.

Founded by Thomas De La Rue in 1905, Onoto produces exquisite writing instruments that combine traditional techniques with modern materials and innovative technologies. Over the course of the past century, Onoto has established itself as a symbol of excellence in British pen manufacturing and artistry. Each Onoto pen is hand-made by a small team of highly skilled jewellers and pen-masters. Esteemed figures, such as Winston Churchill, Florence Nightingale, and the respected Japanese writer Natsume Soseki, were counted among the brand's clientele.

Price information: RRP €3,785


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