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Les Extraits Collection reflects the Spirit of Travel that Louis Vuitton has celebrated since its founding ..

Louis Vuitton has launched Les Extraits Collection, with five fragrances: Cosmic Cloud, Dancing Blossom, Rhapsody, Stellar Times and Symphony through these five new compositions, Louis Vuitton reinvents the Extrait de Parfum, the purest and most precious form in perfumery. Elevating perfume to an art form, Louis Vuitton‘s Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and renowned architect Frank Gehry break the rules and create pure emotion.

Inspired by Frank Gehry’s unique aesthetics based on movement and distortion, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud pushes hypersensitivity to the extreme, concentrating the quintessence of perfumery. Deconstructing the very architecture of fragrance there are no top, heart, or base notes of fragrance, instead the master perfumer revisits perfume’s major themes, twisting them, expanding them, and exaggerating certain facets, in order to reveal ultimate purity.

This is the very first time that Frank Gehry has designed a perfume bottle. The lines of the original shape were altered to express the architect’s passion for sailing. Crafted using a sheet of aluminum that has been crumpled like fabric, the hand-polished cap takes the form of an imaginary metal flower and reflects sea and spray, and above all, the absolute movement of life. In addition, he created a trunk that can be made to order.

Cosmic Cloud

A monochrome of musks radiate in interstellar space.... To illustrate this interactive sensory deep-dive, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud conceived a nectar of musks. Their many powdery, fruity facets linger endlessly against the skin. Constituting a surprisingly daring choice in the world of high perfumery, a seductive caress sweetened by the chocolate-coated almond notes of tonka bean.

Dancing Blossom

A swirl of petals in a hanging garden...The exquisitely precious Grasse rose unfurls its majestic splendour, while Sambac jasmine and Indian tuberose embellish the composition with their fleshy beauty. Chinese osmanthus complements the bouquet with its fruity apricot inflection. An extraordinarily prolific swirl of petals, a colourful yet subtle bouquet of sweeping emotions.


The sophistication of chypre illuminates the infinite horizon...Radiant Jasmine grandiflorum mingles with ylang ylang to transfigure patchouli and wreathe it in light. Woody notes and vetiver intensify the structure for chiaroscuro relief, while fresh, clear maté intensifies the verdant character of this exquisitely crafted perfume. The quintessence of elegance.

Stellar Times

An amber odyssey through time and space....Shimmering scents inspire colourful visions, surging forth on the emanations of a transfigured amber accord. A golden palace in the sky, filled with orange blossom that whirls on its effervescent freshness. Soft, woody white amber whispers the mysteries of nights in a foreign land and the beauty of dreams. The delicious vanilla notes of Peru balsam add a finishing touch to this fragrance mirage, a beautiful escape on the magic carpet of dreams. A major Oriental composition, completely reinvented in zero gravity.


Intense freshness sparkles at the heart of a fantasy island...This is the first fragrance composition exploring endless freshness with a dazzling trail. The sweet piquancy of fresh ginger zest in a cocktail of grapefruit, bergamot and orange. Fruity, velvety, scintillating roundness offers everlasting refreshment. A radiant vibration, a sensual score with facetted notes to accompany the melody of a wakening world.

Louis Vuitton Les Extraits will be available from October 7 as 100 ml, $530, refillable.


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