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LOUIS XIII Cognac unveils 'THE DROP' a breakthrough product designed for nomadism and a new generation's attitude to life...

With the launch of The DROP the vision is to become an icon for a new generation always on the move, spontaneous and playful, who enjoy making things their own. The new connoisseurs, digital natives, pioneers, life–fulfillers. Multi–taskers and multi–sharers. They praise their tribes, claim the world for themselves, and seize the moment together. As a group, they constantly reinvent luxury codes, through spontaneity and ownership, creating their own distinct 'art-de-vivre'. In the moment.

With THE DROP, the new generation is entrusted with the essence of LOUIS XIII in its purest form. Each bottle contains 1cl of the pristine LOUIS XIII Cognac blend. Available by the unit or in an exclusive box of five bottles, each THE DROP reflects a spontaneous mood and mindset: Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth and Bright. They pick a bottle to match the mindset that best resonates with them, then live the experience together with their tribe - whenever and wherever they are.

THE DROP can be carried with shoulder straps in different colors, so they can choose the best fit for their mood at that moment. Just one THE DROP is all you need to fully enjoy LOUIS XIII Cognac.


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