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Billion Luxury Portal presents Massimiliano Fronti architect ...

Massimiliano Fronti is an award winning architect offering a full architectural service together with interior design, master-planning, 3D Rendering, Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Building Design, Project Management Industrial Design, CAD, GRAPHICS, CAD and 3d modelling.

With over 18 years of experience, gained both nationally and internationally with offices in Spain, Italy, & Dubai, he has a broad working spectrum having worked on a wide range of projects; which include hotels, industrial buildings, offices, apartments and private houses, and mixed-use schemes.

Massimiliano Fronti deeply thinks about the social value and significance of architecture through practice, and thus creates space with emotion and humanistic care. Exploring material and construction method is also the core of the design practice.

Fundamental to his process is the use of light as a building element, defining space and animating form. Every design he creates is bespoke - developed with efficiency, elegance and authenticity - and always articulated with close reference to the topography of a given site.

Everything created by Massimiliano Fronti is the outcome of an intensive dialogue between his clients. Each detail is carefully considered.

From concept design to completion - encompassing working drawings, specifications, rigorous site supervision and cost control – his methodology is exacting, with a strong intention on merging architecture and art, whilst redefining how these two disciplines work in the age of digital technology and content.

For more information or to request a consultation visit; Massimiliano Fronti website HERE quoting reference BLP/MF


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