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Renowned Polish architect working at the Wamhouse Studio, has designed another logo shaped house, taking inspiration from the Audi logo ....

Aptly titled the Ringhouse this conceptual design utilizes the four iconic rings of the Audi logo whilst taking inspiration from the modernist architecture of the 1930s, when the famous logo was conceived creating a living environment with stunning design aesthetics.

Created from bare concrete and glass panels the facade of the 3,000-square-foot structure looks bleak, bare and minimalist but this stark design belies what lies within.

Utilizing the large glass windows the interiors are swamped in natural light and paired with the high ceilings the industrial appeal takes on a modern yet cozy appeal.

The grey concrete appeal is continued within but is balanced by warm wood accents throughout creating a modern industrial vibe.

A large exterior pool and underground garage complete the design..


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