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We've all heard of and even tried to put up flat-pack furniture, well now a new company is offering "cabins in a box" the new trend in building your own home...

With property prices going through the roof (excuse the pun!) Ayfraym from the guys at Everywhere Travel Co. have come up with a unique way to let people build and own their own homes - a wooden forest cabin.

For just $1,950.00 Ayfraym will provide in a box blueprints (printed construction plans and digital plans on a flash drive) and material specifications to build A-frame style homes. It also comes complete with essential tools such as a door knob, hammer, hat, and mug!

The construction plans relate to a 1,574-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath home that can sleep eight thanks to a bunk room in the third bedroom.

Traditionally, for those wanting to build a cabin, you would have to hire architects and spend tens of thousands just to plan the project, this takes away all that hassle.

Renderings of the cabins show an airy, open floor plan with three large walkout cedar decks, large custom windows, and vaulted ceilings with rustic wood beams.

Once you purchase the plans, buyers can either don a hard hat themselves and start building or hire Ayfrym to build the house for them. Building costs range from $252,000 to $277,000 depending on where you build—and of course these prices don’t include the land, that's an extra fee.

At present these homes are only available in the US but Everywhere Travel Co. has plans to offer the service outside the States shortly.

So watch this space...


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