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In November, Elon Musk presented the Cybertruck, an armored pickup truck

which on the global web has become known as a car for living in a post-apocalyptic environment. Well now a company in Russia has developed CyberHouse a conceptual architectural home for those who want to survive a zombie apocalypse....

Designed by Modern House, Cyberhouse is a multilevel bunker, which can be used in extreme situations: from zombie apocalypse to nuclear threat.

Inclined walls made of monolithic reinforced concrete and heavy-duty steel minimize external influences, both mechanical and electric. Security is also ensured by armored windows, metal shutters and airlock doors. At the center of the atrium there is a car elevator for the Cybertruck ( of course!)

"Customers often come to us with unique requests that need to be fulfilled. Therefore, for us, the Cyberhouse has become a certain look forward. The project was conceived as an architectural game, but, surprisingly, we have already received the first proposals," said Alex Wizhevsky, chief architect of MODERN HOUSE.

The cost of the bunker house will start from 865 000 $ in basic configuration which will house 6-7 people .

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