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In the eco-efficient world building a new home isn't as easy as you think, with a lack of space and rising water levels Amsterdam-based studio VanOmmeren-architects have unveiled this envy inducing houseboat an energy-neutral floating villa powered by solar energy ...

Aptly-named Energy Neutral Villa II it is situated on the Spaarne River in Haarlem, Netherlands. A spacious 210-square-meter energy neutral houseboat build spread out across two floors clad in timber and zinc façade with an aluminum roof trim.

The solar-paneled roof produces more than energy than it consumes while the thermal heat pump in the concrete hull catches extra energy from the water

Inside, there is a spacious open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen which bask in sun and views. The first floor also houses the master en-suite, storage, and office. A light material palette and whitewashed walls reinforce the interior’s bright and airy appearance.


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