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In the world of prefab homes Haus has been a name synonymous with quality and German engineering but Reno, Nevada-based tech startup is looking to change all that with its new sustainable 3D printed homes ...

Combining smart home technology with the latest in 3D printing these fully autonomous homes harnesses solar energy to power up the home and come fully loaded with water tanks, solar energy battery storage, and autonomous sewage meaning all you need is a flat plot of land.

Self sustainable these off-the-grid homes which claim are "Zombie Proof"

are built with robust materials which will not break down from bug attacks and will not rust. Using space-station technologies and resilient materials such as: carbon fiber, durable polymers, and 6-panes of guarded glass comprise the exterior surface, while comfortable natural wood is used for the interior.

In addition there is also no need for electricity, water, or sewage hookups and as an added bonus each home is delivered fully packaged with everything you need from: furniture, fully-equipped kitchen, Sonos speaker system, Nest camera, thermostat, Apple TV, 100″ projector screen, 24/7 internet connection, and even a fingerprint doorlock nothing has been overlooked down to wine glasses in the cupboards!

At present is offering three model types ranging from a studio concept to a 3 bedroom family home; the 400-square-foot mOne studio is ideal for two persons that starts at $199,999; the 800-square-foot two-bedroom mTwo which is suitable for a small family that starts at $199,999; and the 1,600-square-foot mFour, which is two story structure and includes three bedrooms and two baths ideal for a large or growing family that starts at $1 million.

You can purchase the homes right now with deliveries expected from February 2020 and as an added incentive is also offering monthly installment plans so just think you can be safe in the knowledge that you are protected against zombies for as little as $1,163 /mth !


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