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New luxury floating hotel and villa's to be created of Dubai Marina ...

Dubai is home to a number of unique man-made landmarks including the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab hotel, and the Palm Islands with a new even more remarkable addition set to be added to this list - The Sea Palace Floating Resort.

Costing Dh600 million ($164million) the project which is being developed by Seagate Shipyard and El Bahrawy Groupset in Dubai Marina’s waters will consist of a brand new five-star floating hotel surrounded by six floating glass boat houses which will be made available for sale at a price of Dh20 million.

"It is a mix of a yacht and home. The house is licensed as a yacht. Homes, which have been named Neptune, are 95 per cent complete, and the remaining work will be finished in a month, while the whole project is around 65 per cent complete," said Mohamed El Bahrawy, CEO and founder of El Bahrawy Group.

The floating villa's which will be spread over two floors will consists of a balcony, and a roof with an outdoor swimming pool. Each floor is 300sqm, which makes it 900sqm in total. There will be 4 en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, crew quarters with the interiors designed by luxury car makers Aston Martin. In addition the villa#s will be solar powered and equipped with a self sterilizations air-filtration

For more information visit: Seagate Shipyards


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