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Dubai based architects SuperFutureDesign has created a stunning new way for owners of supercars to enjoy their cars even more with bespoke home installation capsules turning the humble garage into the ultimate showroom gallery..

The SUPERCAR CAPSULE a new concept by SuperFtureDesign is a palette of unique ports that keep the automobile in a closed space, allowing supercars owners’ to transform their garage or empty space into a dedicated showroom.

The brainchild of Italian consultancy firm ASZarchitetti Group – which includes architecture studio ASZarchitetti and Superfuturedesign* – each SUPERCAR CAPSULE can go beyond the limit in terms of individuality & customization.

This is because they’re custom made in every new setting, so car enthusiast can opt to completely remodel the interior of their garage to give a refreshing new finish with lighting effects and colour scheme, all the while highlighting the supercar’s special features, or create a new capsule to merge with the home’s interior.

Aimed towards car lovers and enthusiasts who go the extra mile for understanding and appreciating an automobile’s qualities, unlike other types of residential architecture and design, the SUPERCAR CAPSULE is dedicated to showcasing your luxury car in a space designed just for it. It’s a distinct abstract designed by supercar enthusiasts, proving that your car will still stand out even when it’s not on the road!

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