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British designer Thomas Heatherwick ‘s London based studio’s has unveiled the first renderings of his upcoming residential project Lantern House …

After creating a stir with the Vessel at Hudson Yards and the under-construction floating Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick first residential project Lantern House Lantern House, will be developed with Related Companies and will feature two towers – one 10 storeys, the other 21 storeys – connected by a glass lobby under the High Line.

The façade is a contemporary take on historical styles seen in in the neighborhood, with textured grids of bay windows and hand-laid antiqued grey brickwork with industrial metal detailing. Each tower has a brick facade that’s punctuated by oversized bay windows, which are shaped like—you guessed it—lanterns. “These special three-dimensional-sculpted windows will allow the building’s residents to have light-filled interiors plus exciting new panoramic views and new visual connections to the city beyond,” Heatherwick said in a statement.

The inspiration for the design and the name comes from the maritime warehouses that once were part of the Chelsea neighbourhood. The hand-laid grey-coloured brick façade and the bulging, lantern-shaped windows were specifically designed for this property. Each unit will have at least one bay window and come with a windowsill offering residents views of Hudson Yards, the Empire State Building, the Hudson River, and of course the High Line.

Sales are expected to launch in January, with prices for the 181 residences starting from $1.7 million for a one-bedroom unit,


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