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Prague may have a new tallest building, if developer Trigema’s plan for the 135-meter-tall multi-functional high-rise building near Nové Butovice metro stop is approved...

The project designed by sculptor David Černý and architect Tomáš Císař from the studio Black n´ Arch is indeed eye-catching.

Dubbed Top Tower, the 135 meters (443 feet) tall building shows the skeletal shell of a ravaged oil tanker heading straight down to the ocean floor symbolic, the hull will be covered in greenery to make the building look like something out of a post-apocalyptic scene with the designer’s intentions to remind people of our environmental issues

Inside, there will be approximately 250 small apartments available to rent, alongside offices and a cultural centre, and shop units on the lowest two floors. The entrance will be marked by a giant sculpture of a propeller that appears to have broken off from the submarine.

If Approved the building will be build outside the protected zone of the urban conservation area and outside the area prohibiting high-rise buildings. According to initial estimates, investment costs will amount to 2 billion CZK. The developer hopes to begin in construction in 2021, with construction lasting three years.

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