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Monaco based artist George Lucian, has recently unveiled this stunning residential tower concept inspired by a superyacht that could change the New York skyline forever...

Inspired by one of the sculptures by Romanian Constantin Brancusi, The Vertical Yacht will be a 60-story residential tower that would rise two blocks away from the Museum of Modern Art ( MOMA ) in New York, where a permanent exhibition is held.

Covered in copper, bronze and terracotta the tower which will stand 1,500-foot high will stand out as a beacon amongst the other residential towers that rise above the city and will offer fabulous 360º views. Inside the exclusive residential spaces designed by established interior designer Hannah Hombergen have been specifically designed to reflect the ultra-luxurious appeal of a superyacht providing residents with a uber rich experience.

At present this design is just conceptual pushing the boundaries of modern architecture, and design even further.


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