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The €30,000 Bugatti prototype Baby II is already sold out ...

For the celebration of the 110th anniversary of Bugatti, a very special surprise was prepared for the enthusiasts of La Marque: the unveiling of the first Bugatti Baby II prototype.

Earlier this year at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti revealed the re-imagining of the iconic Bugatti Baby as a 3D printed model. It captured the imagination of automotive enthusiasts around the world, and the limited edition run of 500 cars sold out completely within three weeks. Bugatti has now finally revealed the first functioning prototype of the Baby II at its 110th-anniversary celebration in Molsheim, France.

Based on the iconic Bugatti Type 35, the Baby II combines the playfulness of the original Baby, re-imagined with 21st century technology. To create the Baby II, Bugatti partnered with The Little Car Company to produce the greatest junior car ever created.

To allow the Baby II to be driven by both adults and children, it has grown from the 50% scale of the original to a 75% scale replica of the Type 35, and includes a sliding pedal box for drivers young and old. So, while the original 500 Baby's could be a tight squeeze for even the smallest children, the Baby II allows parents and grandparents to share the love of driving with their children and grandchildren.

The Baby II has been designed to be fun. The rear wheel drive powertrain comes with two selectable power modes for drivers of different experience: a 1kW ‘child mode’ with the top speed limited to 20 km/h, and a 4kW ‘adult mode’ with the top speed limited to 45 km/h. In addition, for those enthusiasts who crave even more pace, some versions come with a ‘Speed Key’ just like its big brother, the Chiron, which allows power of up to 10kW and disengages the speed limiter. Fortunately there is a Limited Slip Differential to help drivers make the most of the torque available at the rear wheels.

As standard the car will be painted in French Racing Blue with a black leather interior, but other colour options will be available for both the exterior and interior. These include the opportunity to have your Baby II painted in the same solid contemporary colours as the Chiron, or alternatively there is a selection of vintage colours, each dedicated to a famous driver or event from the history of Bugatti.

The car will come with two sizes of removable battery, a standard 1.4 kWh pack and a long-range 2.8 kWh version. While exact range will depend on driving style, the larger pack is expected to give a range of more than 30km.

In addition, all owners of Baby IIs will receive membership of The Little Car Club, and be able to attend events where they, their children and their grandchildren can drive their cars at famous motor racing circuits.

Whilst all 500 Bugatti Baby IIs sold out within three weeks of the Geneva Motor Show announcement, it is still possible for customers to join the reserve list should a prospective buyer pull out, or to get the first notification of any future models. For more details, please visit

Prices start at 30,000 euros (plus taxes and delivery) and production starts at the beginning of 2020. The car will be manufactured by the Little Car Company in the UK, and all 500 cars will be produced over the course of 2020 and 2021.


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