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As Christmas approaches the stress levels go up, we all want to put your best foot forward when gifting ensuring we give that special person something they are going to love or appreciate but there is always that one person who seems to have absolutely everything so what do you gift for someone like this?

Gifting silver is a perfect option, it stands the test of time and unlike gold and other precious metals you can find a wide variety of gifting options, from personal trinkets, to home-ware accessories to novelty items.

Hersey and Son London Silversmiths based in Walton-on-Thames, Hersham, offers sterling silver tableware as well as jewelry and contemporary silver gifts for all ages. All their silverware bears their own hallmark and until recently was only available in exclusive stores but today it is now available through their website Hersey & Son.

Established in 1955, M. C. Hersey and Son Ltd are London silversmiths of unrivaled quality. Founded By Michael Hersey and later joined by his son Stewart Hersey, Hersey and son is comprised of a team of silver spinners, silversmiths, polishers and engravers that mix techniques that date back centuries with cutting edge technology to create the truly inspiring silverware we have come to treasure and love.

For men they offer a wide variety of silver cufflinks, bracelets, bangles or necklaces, for women they have a wide selection of earrings, hand-made silver chain bracelet, rings and bracelets.

Recently, a ranges of silver keyrings, silver photograph frames and armada dishes have been introduced along with a eco-friendly silver straw perfect for those special occasions such as a weddings or christening

Order can be accepted from throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world with orders delivered within a few days.

So to give the gift of silver visit Hersey & Son London HERE


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