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On July 20th 1969, the world marveled at man's accomplishments as the first man set foot on the moon. To celebrate this momentous achievement Parisian firm S.T. Dupont, have created two remarkably detailed cigar lighters depicting the Apollo landings....

The two limited edition collectibles the command module the returning part of the Apollo 11 and the lunar module, aptly known as the LM), the exclusive Apollo Collection, took more than 500 hours to recreate.

The command module meticulously cast in bronze and hand patinated with a plaque bearing the signatures of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, along with that of President Richard Nixon sits central within 2 double-flame lighter, finished in pink gold. The command module is priced at $38,000 each.

The Lem, a L2 double-flame lighter consists of a gold-plated duplicate of the landing craft stands aboard a “moon crater” base in black lapis lazuli. A solid silver astronaut which is in fact a lighter floats above the structure. Priced from $9,445. Also included is a piece of a lunar meteorite. It is limited to eight pieces.

For those interested in just the lighter—which features nine diamonds—it is priced at €6,400 ($7,230) and limited to 288 pieces.


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