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London-based beauty and personal care company AVON has unveiled a stunning new fragrance to celebrate its upcoming 135th anniversary in 2021....

Known for its large selection of affordable beauty products and fragrances Avon has decided to celebrate reaching its milestone of 135 years with a bang creating a new luxurious and exclusive fragrance called Avon Charmed.

The opulent perfume priced at a staggering $1,200 is presented in a stunning bottle

with an 18K gold-plated peacock sitting atop a beautiful column with its tail embellished with 21 Swarovski crystals.

Presented in a specially-designed wooden box that showcases the history of the brand

the fragrance will be a limited to just 1,886 bottles in honor of the founding year of the brand which is now the 14th largest beauty company in the world.

According to the brand the perfume will come with valuable and rare ingredients collected from around the globe:

"Be enticed by a radiant burst of crisp neroli as lily of the valley and jasmine absolute create a delicate floral veil. Notes of warm musk add a seductive dimension to this captivating fragrance. So alluring. So enchanting. 1.7 fl. oz."

The $1,200 perfume from Avon is expected to hit the market in October 2020. To register your interest you can join the waiting list HERE


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