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As part of the brands centenary celebrations Bentley have unveiled a limited edition set of golf clubs ...

The limited edition Bentley Golf Centenary Set unites the worlds of luxury and craftsmanship with the finest in sports and performance.

Limited to just 100 sets, the Centenary Golf collection celebrates Bentley’s 100 years at the pinnacle of British luxury motor manufacturing, combining technology with timeless craftsmanship and unparalleled design.

Taking inspiration from the new Continental GT, the details on the range of clubs reference Bentley’s distinctive diamond knurling, which adorns the club grips, and the iconic haunch exterior styling-line is outlined across the club heads.

Touches of Centenary Gold are tastefully utilised throughout the collection, mirroring the gold details that appear on every Bentley built during this very special year. These gold details have been meticulously woven into the products, creating eye-catching elements that will be sure to make a stylish statement on and off the golf course.

The high-performance clubs are crafted from carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium, while the bag and head covers are also made from real carbon fibre panels containing the same Centenary Gold detailing as the clubs. Paying tribute to the earlier years of Bentley, replicas of the unique wheel centre caps from the famous EXP Speed 8 winning Le Mans car decorate both the wood heads and grip end caps.

Bentley Golf Centenary Set


Multi-material technology has been used in the development of the centenary edition irons, making them some of the most powerful and versatile ever made.

The titanium face, together with the carbon-fibre back, adds dampening and enables the weight to be positioned exactly where it is needed, providing unrivalled power and distance.


The collection comprises two wedges (52” and 58” loft), both of which have fully CNC milled faces with full face grooves and back cavities. Designed in a classic teardrop shape, each wedge has a versatile, rounded sole that can be used in the most difficult of terrain.


Consisting of a driver, fairway, utility and hybrid, each wood featured the signature haunch line design from the Continental GT to the crown and sole, along with carefully positioned Bentley ‘B’ screws.

The driver, fairway and utility all contain shaft interchangeability, while the hybrid is designed to replace the long irons. The driver features a full 6-4 titanium body and high spec face which is cryogenically frozen for enhanced performance.


Using a combination of technical materials to offer differing levels of weight and firmness, the Putter is a high performance piece which provides unparalleled support with off-centre strikes, aiding the most notice of players.

Taking inspiration from the design cues of the Bentley car itself, the aluminium face insert features Bentley’s signature diamond knurling.

The main body of the Putter is comprised of high density 303 steel and super soft aluminium, which is complemented by the exclusive Centenary carbon fibre detailing.

Tour bag

Handcrafted with a brushed black finish, the Centenary Tour Bag has been designed with the perfect balance of luxury and practicality in mind.

The industry first carbon fibre panelling features Bentley’s Centenary Gold which has been meticulously woven in to the design to create a truly unique visual, exclusive to the Bentley Golf Centenary Set. Internal pockets replicate the distinctive diamond quilting pattern, just like the cars themselves.

Like the set, each bag is individually serialised and also features the hand stitched Centenary logo in recognition of Bentley’s 100th anniversary.

Centenary Sets are priced at £12,000 and are available to order now.


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