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Luxury American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co's iconic Blue Box Café is coming to London...

For the first time ever Tiffany & Co's iconic Blue Box Café is coming to Europe

opening it doors within Harrods in Knightsbridge. Located on the lower ground floor of the Knightsbridge emporium, the Blue Box Cafe will be styled in the brands iconic turquoise colour with guests able to enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner, while being surrounded by Tiffany jewelry inside what will feel like one of the brand's famed blue boxes.

Richard Moore, vice president of Global Store Design at Tiffany & Co, says, ‘We are excited to introduce The Tiffany Blue Box Café in Europe and it seems only fitting to do so at Harrods, one of the world’s most iconic department stores. We have a long-standing presence in London and by introducing The Tiffany Blue Box Café here, we offer our customers in this city yet another way to immerse themselves in the world of Tiffany.

The café will open its doors in February 2020 for a limited period of time.


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