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There are no limits when it comes to luxury, that is why at Impatia, they are excited to launch the new Gold Edition of the Filotto pool table featuring 24k gold plated connecting joints and components ....

Officially available for ordering now, this version is a revived rendition of the classic Filotto designed by Adriano design for impatia.

The presented Gold Edition radiates a sleek elegance that is bound to become the epitome of luxurious design; featuring opulent 24k gold plated components, created by Italian goldsmiths on the table’s exterior glass structure and base of each leg. Lavish in the detailing, the contemporary pool table is integrally handcrafted by artisans and exclusively tailormade to order 100% in Italy.

Available with a variety of customizations this design piece is a match for even the most sophisticated taste. While indeed beautiful in many aspects, the Filotto Gold Edition likewise ensures a premium quality gaming experience. The 8ft pro table is equipped with an Italian slate base which allows for perfect leveling and a smooth playing surface true to comparison with any professional table.

An attentive feature that makes this piece especially remarkable. Capturing the essence of luxury, the Filotto Gold Edition is a one of a kind pool table that enters the realm of becoming a work of art.


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