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Exquisite hand-crafted perfume chests created to house the Maison’s most treasured scents ..

Over the years, Henry Jacques has taken up a singular challenge: to compile a selection of perfumes that are truly representative of the immense olfactory work accomplished since the founding of the House.

Recently the Maison unveiled “Les Boites à Parfums, a hand-crafted chest designed to house the maison’s treasured Classiques perfumes of 50 fragrances Available in 4 colours, pink, taupe, beige and brown, Les Boites à Parfums will blend in perfectly with any décor and serves as a showcase of any perfume connoisseurs favorite fragrances.

Following the launch of Henry Jacques new e-shop, the Maison is offering these elegant cases free of charge with any purchase of 3, 6 or 10 perfumes.

Les Boites à Parfums clearly echo Henry Jacques’ vision of Haute Parfumerie: perfumery that never stands still, and is more than just the result of virtuous know-how. Perfumery that takes its source and raison d’être from the boldness of exploration and the exquisiteness of intimacy: Haute Parfumerie Vivante


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