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If you’re looking for a personal or corporate gift for that special occasion, Hersey & Sons London Silversmiths provide the perfect solution - A variety of different personalization options to suit a range of occasions.

An engraved silver gift makes something all the more special, doubles the pleasure of the recipient and adds just a tiny amount to the cost. What’s more, in the majority of cases it doesn’t add any time at all to the speed with which your gift can be delivered to you or directly to the person receiving it.

An engraved message can commemorate an anniversary, Christening, birthday, wedding and silver wedding; or an achievement in education, career or sports.

Hersey & Sons often engrave gifts that mark a romantic relationship between lovers and partners. Don’t be embarrassed about using one another’s pet names in the engraving or including a saucy message, our burly engravers have seen it all!

On smaller gifts such as silver key rings and silver cufflinks, there’s not much room to engrave more than a name or initials, but if you are in any doubt about the length of the message they can engrave, you should discuss with them first to discuss your requirements. If your stuck for words they are also happy to advise on the wording for christening and anniversary presents and answer any questions you may have about the suitability of a typeface and the size it can be engraved in.

So next time you have a company occasion such as retirement to mark or a personal milestone to celebrate, choose one the gift of silver and request personalized engraving to go with it.


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