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Lalique completes it's McLaren Essence of Speed Collection with the limited edition "Sailfish" ..

McLaren Essence of Speed collection celebrates the values of performance and excellence two qualities shared by the famous crystal maker and one of Formula 1's most successful teams.

Launched back in 2018, the collection features three stylized creatures which represent speed in the animal kingdom with the Cheetah and the Falcon and now the Sailfish.

Each limited edition piece is made of clear crystal.

Fashioned in satin-finished crystal, emblematic of Lalique each piece has a limited run of just 375 pieces, priced at €1,900.00. available directly from Lalique.

In addition a larger more exclusive version of the new McLaren Sailfish piece is also being offered with a limited run of just 20 pieces for €49,000 available exclusively from Lalique boutiques only


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