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As a brand that has made its name creating pens for the rich and powerful, Montegrappa is no stranger to royalty. But the luxury brand was delighted to receive the opportunity to work with Sarah, Duchess of York creating what some may say the most vivacious writing silhouette of 2020.

Slender lines, rich colours and smooth writing are the hallmarks of a new pen created by the Duchess together with Italy’s flagship pen brand Montegrappa. “Our collaboration came about after a chance introduction through a mutual friend,” explains Giuseppe Aquila, owner and Creative Director of Montegrappa. “She came to visit us in Bassano del Grappa, and it was in our gardens that the idea began to germinate.”

Aquila is referring to Duchess, the maker’s newest limited-edition pen. The new collection is unashamedly pretty, combining 0.925 sterling silver with an 18K gold nib adorned with the personal monogram of Sarah, Duchess of York. The glittering colours of Duchess come from her choice to use celluloid – a supple, organically textured material that loves to be held. There are three colours available in small, individually numbered batches of only 100 pieces.

Aquila explains how they decided to let each of the colours be inspired by a different natural kingdom. “Garden uses a summery yellow with a chrysanthemum motif. ” Other colours in the collection are an autumnal orange for Forest and Ocean, represented by Mediterranean blue. Each features its own ornamental frieze engraving on its silver trims. As Aquila points out: “many of our craftspeople are jewellery artisans in their own right.”

Fountain pens may not be Instagram’s most-shared accessories, but they have been steadily coming back into fashion in recent years. Recent public endorsees of Montegrappa have included Hollywood glitterati, artists and, of course, writers. For luxury writing instruments of this calibre, the highest levels of workmanship are a must, and Montegrappa has been part of Italy’s luxury landscape for more than a century.

Beautiful packaging is another important ingredient, and it is here that Sarah was able to add another, even more personal touch to the project. A special portfolio carry case features concertinaed pockets delivered with a series of postcards photographed by the Duchess herself. Images captured on her travels delve into each of the three realms of nature, and are paired with a wistful selection of her favourite quotes. “It’s a really delightful touch that made this collaboration feel like a true meeting of minds,” says Aquila.

Duchess is now available at fine writing dealers and via Montegrappa’s online boutique priced from €1,995.00

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