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Inspired by the Wild West and designed for the discerning gentleman, Montegrappa showcases extraordinary craftsmanship with the limited edition Revolver foundation pen.

The Montegrappa limited edition revolver fountain pen is the luxury pen manufacturer's take on the wild west cowboy guns of days gone by. It is available exclusively as a fountain pen featuring an international patented power-push filling mechanism "which acts like an automatic piston".

The revlover pen holds 10 fake bullets which number from 0 to 9. True to form and as the name implies, the pen sports an old-style gun drum, noticeable from the outside, containing the bullet sockets. The fully functional trigger acts as a brake for the drum. The fountain pen comes with a magnetically-fitted bullet stick to extract the bullets.

The oversized pen is made of burnished stainless steel while the barrel is crafted from a 4200 year old bog oak. Gold-plated brass nails and bullet heads provide a stunning contrast to the almost black bog oak barrel of the pistol pen. The pen sports an 18k gold nib with an ebonite feeder and is available in fine, medium and broad writing grades.

Presented in a stunning 4200-year-old oak barrel display box the revolver pen is limited to 300 units worldwide and comes with a detailed user's manual.

Available to purchase now from Montepgrappa for €7,250.00


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