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Russian brand Caviar has unveiled its latest iPhone incarnation – A limited edition iPhone 12 Pro i paying homage to Elon Musk and his spaceX project …

To celebrate Elon Musk‘s SpaceX‘s Dragon mission, SpaceX‘s Russian custom brand Caviar created the Musk be on Mars iPhone built with a real piece of the SpaceX mission that was in space and made out of titanium. It also features a SpaceX Dragon graphic to celebrate the first crewed SpaceX mission.

Priced between $5,830 and $6,290 USD, the “MUSK BE ON MARS” iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will be limited to just 19 units. The body of the custom take on the flagship device features a real piece of the SpaceX shuttle that made it to space accented by a motif of the Dragon and Elon Musk’s signature.

Both models are available in three memory variants, which include 128Gb, 256GB, and 512GB. Pre-orders are now accepted.


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