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Ahead of the much anticipated releases of the new James Bond movie Britain’s Royal Mint has unveiled a seven kilo gold coin the largest coin in its 1,100-year history ...

The one-of-a-kind Special Issue coin has been created by Royal Mint designer Laura Clancy to commemorate the release next month of the 25th installment in the legendary franchise, “No Time to Die,” the coin made from 999.9 Au Fine Gold measures 7.2 inches in diameter making it the largest coin ever made by the Royal Mint.

Featuring an engraving of an Aston Martin DB5 with its famous BMT 216A number plate, surrounded by a gun barrel the coin forms part of a special collection of several coins:

  • The 007 Special Issue 2020 UK Seven-Kilo Gold Proof Coin is limited to 1 coin, price unknown but probably close to half a million British Pounds.

  • The 007 Special Issue 2020 UK Two-Kilo Gold Proof Coin, limited to 7 pieces, with a price of £129,990.

  • The 007 Special Issue 2020 UK Kilo Gold Proof Coin is limited to 7 pieces, with a price of £59,995.

A more affordable option is the 007 Special Issue 2020 UK Five-Ounce Silver Proof Coin, limited to 440 coins, with price of £485.00.

It was reported that the collection also features the world's first James Bond precious metal bars, available in gold and silver, but no images have yet been released.

The latest installment of the British spy saga, due to start hitting cinemas around the world in early April, sees Bond drawn out of retirement in Jamaica by his old friend and CIA agent Felix Leiter.

For all James Bond coins and special editions, visit the Royal Mint website.

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