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It has been dubbed the "Bugatti of Blades" and it is pretty clear why. Costing a whopping $150,000 the Platinum Mamba knife crafted by Sandrin Knives features 320 diamonds, Wyoming black jade, and tungsten carbide.

There are objects that are pure luxury. Baubles crafted by world class artisans using exotic materials to dazzle the eye and project power. The Crown Jewels. Faberge eggs and then there are meticulously crafted objects that use otherworldly materials to combine artistic achievement with well-established functionality, the Bugatti Veyron, the Patek Philippe Grand Complications and the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba.

Fashioned from 11.5 ounces of platinum and inset with 320 colorless F GIA grade diamonds weighing 14.17 karats this is no ordinary knife!

The Platinum Mamba was born of a collaboration between Sandrin Knives and Cabot Guns—the Pennsylvania-based custom firearm company that created a $4.5 million pair of .45 caliber Colt 1911 pistols out of the Gibeon meteorite. 

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