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Australian artist and goldsmith Colin Burn has created what is being deemed as the world's most expensive chess set costing a eye watering $4million ...

Made from 18-carat white gold and decorated with 513-carats of diamonds, sapphires and South Sea pearls this stunning chess set has been aptly named ‘The Pearl Royale’.

Hand crafted with a regal look and feel the Pearl Royale is symbolic in its design to the renown 1849 Staunton standard chess set. Each solid 18k white gold chess piece is painstakingly pave’ set with the highest quality fine diamonds, AAA South Sea pearls and Ceylon Blue sapphires, sitting atop a crystal glass board embellished with solid 18k white gold, South Sea pearl and fine diamond set corners. The underside of each piece is intricately designed and channel set with the same quality fine diamonds and finished with smooth polished edges to glide effortlessly across the crystal glass board.

Crafted as part of the Limited-Edition Pearl Royale contemporary art series, this exquisite chess set is sure to be realized as one of the world’s finest jewelry art works ever created.

Limited to just 3 sets this luxurious piece is so exquisite that to date only one gallery has dared to show it in an exhibition: the ACCA art gallery in Beverly Hills in 2019.


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