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If so, you're going to need a very large cheque book ..

When a Netflix series becomes reality - that appears to be the premise behind the latest conceptual train renderings released by French designer Thierry Gaugin. The luxurious G Train regarded as a 'palace on rails' is reminiscent to the upper-class carriages of those show in Netflix’s hit series 'Snowpiercer'

Gaugain, who is widely known for his impressive yacht designs including the $90 million, 262- foot Venus designed for Apple co-founder Steve claims he began conceptualising the G Train with someone like Mr Jobs' widow — the billionaire and businesswoman Laurene Powell Jobs — in mind, and it’s no wonder considering the train will set you back $350million.

Stretching more than 1,300-feet and featuring 14 luxury glazed carriages travellers can sit back in it's opulent interiors and enjoy the scenic landscape as it passes them by or opt for projected images thanks to the installation of tech-savy glass.

Along with an impressive owner’s suite the carragies also include 18 guest rooms, a gym, the dining car, a spa, and public areas for entertainment, including a live music hall, art shows, and cinema theatres annd for an added touch of luxury guests there is also a “secret” garden that when the sides of the carriages are folded down acts as stunning alfresco terraces.

Thierry Gaugin claims the G Train will travel at a 160 km/h (100 mph) with speed not an objective, in an interview with CNN Gaugain said that he thinks trains “There’s something fantastic about trains.” There are a lot of romantic ideas attached to them. But, he insists, they’re not a relic from a bygone era. Trains are meeting the present right now. There is nothing more sustainable than trains when it comes to traveling objects. The plane is way behind, and other means are very energy-consuming.”

With the world’s foremost billionaires fighting it out to be the first to offer space travel it seems that Thierry Gaugin has his feet firmly planted on terra firma albeit in a rather luxurious and very expensive way!

Images provdied courtesy of Thierry Gaugain


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