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Curtiss Motorcycle's unveils 'PSYCHE' a new electric bike to compete with Harley Davidson...

US based Curtiss Motorcycles has unveiled an array of wild electric bike concept over the last year however it's latest offering is aimed to compete directly with Harley Davidson's LiveWire electric bike.

Named after the Greek goddess of the soul and the wife of Eros (Roman Cupid) god of love 'Psyche' features a single seat design and many of the elements that make up curtiss’ signature style, including the matching girder fork and rear swingarm, as well as what appears to be a coaxially mounted motor on that rear swing arm and of course its skeletal design.

The spec's are rather limited at present but what we do know is that 'Psyche will be offered in in two options with either a 36 kW or 72 kW motor offering a range in combined cycle testing estimated at around 260 km per charge.

Curtiss Motorcycles have confirmed the bike won’t be available for at least two years with sales beginning in fall 2021 with an estimated sale price of $30,000.

Photo Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles


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