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To celebrate it’s 60th anniversary Italian sports car makers De Tomaso has unveiled a new limited-edition P72 sports , a tribute its 1960s P70 prototype racer....

Some may not have heard of this luxury sports brand after all until this very launch neither had we! Founded by Argentinian immigrant Alejandro de Tomaso in Italy 60 years ago. De Tomaso is regarded as one of the wildest car-building enterprises the world has ever seen.

Now, six decades later, the investor behind Apollo Automobil is determined to do Alejandro's legacy justice with the launch of this super sleek, curvaceous body dripping in copper.

Recently unveiled at the Goodwood festival of speed the P72’s flowing surfaces, bold lines and emphasized wheel arches, case a carbon fiber chassis but it is inside where this car really excels. The interiors feature quilted leather and shiny copper gauges exuding opulence and luxury

No technical details have been revealed as yet but what we do know is that De Tomaso will build only 72 of the P72 model ( hence the name!) with an estimated starting price of €750,000

watch this space for further updates ....


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