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Meet the Ramsmobile RM-X2 an insane hyper- SUV inspired by the devil ...

Recently unveiled at the Frankfurt Motors Show, the RM-X2 claims to be bulletproof, buoyant with the option of adding a hookah bar! Designed by Ramsmobile a Belarus-based company he RM-X2 is billed as a "multipurpose hypercar" with four trim packages and cutting-edge design.

Aggressive in its design the first trip is called the "Ascetic" trim which, features the bare necessities of just a carbon-fiber body and weighs just 3,300 pounds. The second

The "Devil’s Touch" has a continuous track, much in the style of a tank which is 15 inches wide but a ‘super-wide’ version of 24 inches is also offered.

The third trim is called "God’s Creation" but no specifications have as yet been unveiled about this model and the fourth and final trim is the "Ramsider."  

Under the hood, a supercharged Corvette ZR-1 LS V8 makes 999 horsepower, with a 6.6-liter GM diesel V8 also available. The spec sheet for the vehicle hints at some sort of plug-in hybrid system being used as well.

The RM-X2 set to launch in 2022 will start at a price of $999,999, with a fully-loaded version expected to exceed three times that at €3,000,000

Images courtesy of Ramsmobile


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