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Renault's all-electric supercar, dubbed the TREZOR, is a two seater electric coupe concept which Renault claim embodies the new design philosophy of the company ....

The TREZOR features striking red glazing and innovative carbon bodywork with contrasting surface finishes. Smooth and silken at the front, this bodywork mirrors the car’s dynamic character. At the rear, it features hexagonal panels that underline the TREZOR’s sporting temperament and technology.

The metallic finish of the TREZOR conveys an image that is both sleek and protective.

On the bonnet, the honeycomb-form air intake echoes the structure of the rear bodywork. These hexagonal shapes provide a variable-geometry intake, the movement of which embellishes the TREZOR with extra dynamism and creates the impression that it is actually breathing.

On the left-hand side of the body, the petrol filler hatch has been replaced by an analogue gauge that indicates the vehicle’s charge level, drawing on traditional sports car practice.

At the rear, the TREZOR is equipped with resolutely modern fibre-optic lighting integrating a red laser. This ‘rope-like’ fibre assembly provides bright, distinctive lighting. Under braking, the torsion and stacking of the optical fibers creates an interesting visual effect and increases the intensity of the light.

Within the TREZOR, there is a strong focus on evolving interior design. The style is warm and sensual, with red as the predominant colour. The accent is on driving pleasure and

extensive use is made of high-quality materials, including wood and leather. With its blend of craftsmanship, technology and a truly French touch, the cockpit offers a foretaste of the sleeker, increasingly refined interiors of future Renault models, complete with cutting-edge connectivity.

Standing just 1,080mm tall, the TREZOR invites occupants to straddle the side of its body as they climb in. This style of entry is a throwback to the world of classic racing cars, wherein drivers felt as one with their machines. The sporting and sensual manner of entry is accentuated by the red leather trim for the upper part of the pillar. It looks almost like a saddle, so you might be mounting a steed just as easily as getting into a car. Ingress is facilitated by automatically reclining headrests.

Featuring two batteries, each of which has its own cooling system optimized by the variable-geometry air intake incorporated in the bonnet. The TREZOR’s motor derives from the Renault e.dams, two-time winner of the Formula E Teams’ world title. With maximum power of 260kW (350hp) and peak torque of 380Nm, it provides acceleration from standstill to 100kph in less than four seconds.

The TREZOR also incorporates a brake-operated energy recovery system, courtesy of the Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) technology developed for Formula E racing.

There are three driving modes for the Trezor: neutral, sport, and autonomous. When the vehicle is in autonomous mode, the logos on the rear and side of the vehicle light up so that other road users are informed that the car is in self-driving mode.

TREZOR recently won the accolade of the most beautiful concept car at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. This award is a highly prestigious and hotly contested one which involves a competition held on the shores of the scenic Lake Como in Italy

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