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Travel back in time and follow in the footsteps of the mighty Chinggis and Khubilai Khaan across the mighty Gobi Desert with this trip of a lifetime ...

Imagine a world that is wild, untouched and so remote that it is one of the least inhabited countries on earth. Discover the Altai Mountains and take part in a nomadic traditional festival alongside descendants of Chinggis and Khubilai Khaan with the Wild Focus Expeditions’ 16-day journey through Mongolia

This small, 10-person tour staring at Ulaanbaatar will take you on camel caravan through the infamous Gobi Desert on horseback where adventurers will sleep in traditional Mongolian tents known as gers, made of a circular latticed wood structure covered with layers of thick felt which are heated by a burning wood stove and furnished with traditional painted furniture to the far-western province of Bayan Olgii where you will join the Golden Eagle Festival, which is unlike any other festival you have ever attended.

The Golden Eagle Festival is one of the most anticipated cultural events of local Kazakhs. The tradition of eagle hunting in Mongolia is believed to have been developed in central Asia more than 1800 years ago. Since then the lives and traditions of Mongolia’s eagle hunters have defied history, geography and dramatic political change. Every year, both the eagle and the hunter prepare for not only the hunting season but to compete in the annual festival. Winning the games is a prestigious and milestone event in the life of an eagle hunter.  Some of the participants come from as far as 250 kms (150 miles) away.

After the Golden Eagle Festival continue your Mongolian adventure by spending time on our own with eagle hunters in their villages. Drive to a small village to spend time with young and proud eagle hunters and unleash your inner photographer taking in the breathtaking landscape and nomadic family settings.

Before departing there is one last adventure in store at the Yol Valley located in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, the largest national park in Mongolia. This starkly picturesque valley is home to much of Gobi’s wildlife including Ibex, Argali sheep and snow leopards. Continue on to the Hongoryn Els, the largest sand dunes in Mongolia which run  for 60 miles alongside the Gobi Altai Mountain Range.

Winds blowing on the tallest of these dunes cause the sand to slide, creating strange humming sounds. That is why these dunes are called “singing sand,” or “singing dunes.”

Mongolia is like no other place that you will ever travel. Wild Focus Expeditions’ 16-day journey through Mongolia take place in September 2020 priced at $10,960 to $12,160 for more information visit the website here


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