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Jaquet Droz honors the twelfth and last animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle with four exquisite examples of craftsmanship.

After the Year of the Dog in 2018, 2019 ushers in the Year of the Earth Pig - An iconic animal in Chinese culture, the Pig marks the end of a cycle imbued with its core character traits. These traits extend to people born during this twelfth year in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Those born in the year of the Pig are said to be loyal, cautious and attentive. The Pig is emphatic, selflessly devoted to the causes of others, endlessly trusting and exceptionally honest.

For the occasion, Jaquet Droz has designed four watches, two "Petite Heure Minute" models in red gold, issued in a limited series of 28 pieces each (numerus clausus). The ladies’ version features a 35 mm case set with diamonds, while the unisex version has a 39 mm case and no diamond setting. On both of these watches, the Art of Miniature Painting was chosen to depict a young Pig in a field of wheat. Applying the brand’s signature naturalist technique, Jaquet Droz evokes the abundance and prosperity of a ripe wheat crop, and the calm and good sense of the Pig who stands before it, visibly disinterested. On the back of the piece, the gold oscillating mass is engraved with a similar scene.


Jaquet Droz also presents two versions of its "Petite Heure Minute Relief" model, where engraving takes center stage. Available in 18-carat red gold (no diamonds) and in 18-carat gray gold set with 272 diamonds, as well as 24 diamonds on the buckle -- making a total of 1.16 carats -- the two timepieces are also equipped with an automatic-winding mechanical movement with off-center hours and minutes and a power reserve of up to 68 hours.

Here, a wild pig is the star of the show, depicted in front of eight oak trees to symbolize luck and happiness as well as "power, longevity, and moral and physical strength." This model is crafted from red or gray gold, contrasting with the onyx hours and minutes disc.

Both of these limited-series models display an onyx hours and minutes disk that gleams in sheer bottomless black. In the first creation – a numerus clausus of 28 pieces – the brand has chosen to contrast the black onyx with a 43 mm red gold case featuring a red gold engraving. In the second limited series of eight pieces, a white gold case and engraving accentuate the black onyx of the disk. The case and lugs are set with diamonds. In both models, the boar is depicted in a relief engraving on the oscillating mass, with an onyx applique providing the backdrop. The brand proposes a selection of charming and heartfelt tributes to this very special year, illustrated by the wealth of Jaquet Droz craftsmanship.


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