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Measuring 50 meters in length for a maximum beam of 9 meters, Race is the first model of the Riva Superyachts Division, which triumphed was recently unveiled to the world in Venice.

Majestic and elegant, Riva 50 meters is a dream come true, the worthy heir of the famous M/ Y series "Caravelle" and "Atlantic", the large steel yachts built between the 60s and 70s by the visionary genius and ambitious of Carlo Riva. The first Riva 50 meters has fascinated the public with its unparalleled standards of aesthetics, style and innovation.

Created in collaboration with Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, the co-founders of Officina Italiana Design, she features both interior and exterior design by the Italian studio Race can accommodate up to 12 guests across six cabins, with a crew of nine also accommodated for on board. 

The latest Riva masterpiece perfectly combines the Made in Italy aesthetic with the unmistakable personality of the brand: the wider volumes of the hull are combined with a clean and elegant profile that leaves you breathless. Her lines are clean and classic, bearing a resemblance to the styling of Carlo Riva's 'gentlemen' motor yachts, such as the Caravelle line, from the 1960s and 1970s.

This yacht and her unique magnificence, amplified by her impressive size, represents a remarkable achievement for the Riva Superyachts Division, which has built the biggest Riva ever made while meeting and enhancing the brand’s signature stylistic excellence. From the tiniest details to the breathtaking design, this 50-meter yacht is a treasure of beauty, illuminated by a legendary 177-year history and accompanied by an ultra-contemporary vision of yacht building 

Ferretti Group CEO, Alberto Galassi.

The use of glass on board has also been designed to flood the interiors with natural light to maintain a sense of connection with both the exterior spaces and the surrounding environment. Throughout the yacht’s interior, soft fabrics and leather and neutral colors add to the feeling of serenity.

Comfort, style, attention to detail and the application of the most advanced technological solutions offer an unparalleled navigation experience.

Riva 50 meters will be on display at the next Monaco Yacht Show


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