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For the first time in history, the house presents its rarest blends in an extremely limited series crafted to the highest level of French savoir-faire...

At the end of 2021 Maison Hennessy revealed its most exclusive cognac it has ever produced. Generation after generation, for more than two and a half centuries, the Hennessy and Fillioux families have worked hand in hand to select, preserve and protect a library of its most exceptional eaux-de-vie in the Founder’s Cellar.

Once these precious reserves reach their maximum potential in oak barrels, Hennessy’s cellar master shelters them from the outside world and the influence of time in a graceful, traditional style of container known as the Dame Jeanne. Once transferred into these perfectly rounded, slender-necked glass vessels sheathed in white wicker basketry, the eaux-de-vie remain preserved at their apogee, as if suspended in time, until the moment when the Hennessy Master Blender assembles them into a remarkable cognac.

Today, Hennessy’s eighth-generation Master Blender, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, presents the most precious blend he has ever crafted — a unique tribute to his predecessors’ savoir-faire. The eaux-de-vie he selected have enjoyed an unparalleled aging path: their age, elegance and flawless structure destined them for a unique cognac.

And because this unique collection of Hennessy cognacs deserves a unique presentation, it has been named after an essential piece of heritage: the Dame Jeanne.

The Dame Jeanne unique blend: a tribute to Hennessy's remarkable history

Every now and then, when the time is right, Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde draws on the living legacy in the Founder’s Cellar. This year, he presents an exquisite example of the art of blending: an extremely limited edition of two Dame Jeannes of ten liters each. This exclusive cognac will never again be produced.

Selecting for delicacy and balance, the Master Blender handpicked among these remarkable eaux-de-vie and blended them unfiltered to preserve their distinctive character and elegance. On the palate,

golden spices mingle with notes of candied orange zest in a seemingly infinite finish tinged with the aromas of fine cigars.

This singular blend is accompanied by a Dame Jeanne crafted using both 21st century innovation and the finest artisanal traditions of leatherwork, basketry, and gilding.

Printed thanks to 3D technology, its structure is then entirely hand-finished by French master craftsmen using an exclusive weave of white wicker from the Loire Valley interlaced with leather that is hand-braided, painted and stitched by artisans working with skins from the LVMH-owned Tanneries Roux in Romans-sur-Isère.

Personalization options include choosing the color of the leather and the stitching, as well as customized hot-stamping in 24-carat gilded letters. The blend is presented in a set of ten coffrets, each containing a numbered one-liter bottle in mouth-blown crystal from the French heritage house Baccarat. This Dame Jeanne is available by special order, in a limited quantity of two sets for this premiere.

The Editions Rares Dame Jeanne cognacs are available exclusively by special order.

Prices upon request.


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