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Geneva-based watchmakers MB&F have released its ninth edition of their Horological Machine watch series with the MB&F HM9 Flow.

Reminiscent of a jet engine, a highly complex titanium case in alternating polished and satin finishes encloses an equally complex manual winding movement, developed fully in house. Independent twin balance wheels beat at a leisurely 2.5Hz (18,000bph) on each flank of Horological Machine N°9, visible under elongated domes of sapphire crystal. A third pane of sapphire crystal on the central body reveals the gearbox of the HM9 engine: a planetary differential that averages the output of both balance wheels to provide one stable reading of the time.

Sitting perpendicular to the rest of the HM9 engine is the dial indicating hours and minutes, driven by conical gears that ensure precise engagement even when motion is put through a 90° planar translation. The winding and setting crown is located on the rear of the central body, its deep fluting providing ergonomic grip as well as aesthetic coherence with the overall design.

Two satin-finished air scoops are mounted alongside the pods containing the oscillating balance wheels, evoking the raised vents that allow continuous airflow to high-performance motor engines.

Two versions of the HM9 have been released limited to just 33 pieces each: the Road edition with a rose-gold-plated, in-house movement with a speedometer-type dial, and the Air edition with a darkened NAC movement and aviation-style dial. Hand-stitched brown leather strap with a custom-designed titanium folding buckle complete the look.

The HM9 retails for $182,000

For more information visit MB&F

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Sep 26, 2018

This is very unique, and a work of outstanding artistry, it can be worn handsomely to the most prestigious engagements. This is one of the finest examples of a wearable timepiece.

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