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Luxury Thai interior designers Mepitree Studio unveil their latest design project that incorporates clean lines to redefine a once disorganized home ..

The 750 square meters luxurious single house project in the commercial area of Bangkok, Srinakarin road was built in August 2020 and completed after a 11 month build and a total budget of more than 530,000$. The property came with an abundance of space; the living room was built with 145 square meters and the master bedroom was a spacious 115 square meters but during the build no consideration was given to the interior design or decoration, so architecture & interior design team Mepitree jumped in.

As designers and architects the team at Mepitree have been delivering superior quality residence to clients for more than 20-year ensuring each design is unique. Mr. Polakrit Sakanuchaichan, the chief executive officer and project leader explained that in designing this spacious home the grid line where used to refine the disorganized layout of the house due to unplanned decoration.

Taking inspiration from Piet Mondrian, the famous artist from the Minimalist era whose Composition II (1930) ideas, were applied to reorganize the space of the house these influences can be seen in the great use of lighting in the bedroom and the zonal divide used throughout the home.

As one would expect premium materials were selected accordingly to reflect the “Simplicity hides the Luxury” concept however at Mepitree the ethos that design must also meet the residents needs went one step further with the health of the resident taken into account during the process. All materials used will not release Formaldehyde above E0 and E1 levels. In particular, full and seamless Crystal White composite stones were used to reduce glue usage, paste paints with Formaldehyde E0 level from Benjamin Moore were used and curtains were passed through a formaldehyde removal process.

MEPITREE was established in 2000 with a group of dedicated designers and architects who are passionate about the balance between art and living. Offering expert advice, consulting, interior design service, building structures and systems for housing projects, office buildings, condominiums, resorts and hotels. Creating a distinctive and unique design to fit their clients needs, lifestyles and culture.

Images provided courtesy of Mepitree


For more information visit: or visit their social media pages here: Facebook/Instagram


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