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The world's first NFT digital influencer paves the way for an entirely new way of earning passive income through a virtual, decentralized influencer model..

Breaking into the influencer space with a novel and unique approach, Molly is announcing the launch of Molly the Influencer - the first ever NFT-backed virtual influencer. As part of the greater Molly ecosystem, Molly the Influencer will provide passive income to the community and holders with profit sharing via the Molly NFT collection and Molly Token.

Incredibly, this influencer model was achieved in less than two months after the Genesis Molly NFT minting. Since that time, the team has been hard at work, pioneering the space of digital influencers to enable passive token income through staking.

In realizing the untapped potential within the influencer industry, the Molly team set out to create an influencer model that would not only provide unmatched benefits to its holders, but also work within the greater Molly ecosystem as a complimentary and growing segment of remarkable possibility. Now, Molly the Influencer can work 24/7 to build wealth without ever needing to stop for a break. As the only digital influencer in existence that provides rewards to its investors and the community, Molly the Influencer will be the hardest working, most successful influencer in the business.

Molly the influencer is created by the team that has sold out 3 major NFT collections, partnered with the Black Tape Project, Jason Stone (the Millionaire Mentor), The Gold Gods, and Goodweeds as well as Playboy TV Europe. They have developed the Molly Island Concept, launched their Molly Token, and have also provided a launchpad for brands & influencers to kickstart their projects in the NFT realm. In addition to many other accomplishments, these projects are only the beginning.

Discover Molly the Influencer, Molly NFTs, and the Molly Token to join the movement and engage with the vibrant and continuously evolving global community. Visit

About Molly

Molly is an entire Web3 ecosystem, centered around Molly NFTs, the Molly Token, and Molly the Influencer.

The project is a new creative moment revolutionizing 3D NFT art, modernizing tokenization, and pioneering the first ever NFT backed virtual influencer. Their goal is to create the largest decentralized community & alpha group of high-end art collectors & artists while also pioneering the digital influencer space.

As artists, perfectionists, and digital instigators, the Molly team is committed to the smallest details, providing true utility, trust, transparency, and growing an evolving community of Molly users & fans around the globe.


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