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The new LEGEND collection of Limited Edition bracelets by MONGRIP™, made from a tyre used by Michael Schumacher in the legendary 1996 Monza GP, pays homage to the extraordinary seven-time Formula 1™ World Champion..

The exclusive No.1 bracelet will be auctioned from the 17th to 30th November by the renowned English house Bonhams during the Formula1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Auction Online.

In 1973, at the age of just four years old, Michael Schumacher sat in a kart for the first time on the circuit in the city of Kerpen, Germany. Fifty years later, the Monegasque brand MONGRIP™, in collaboration with the KEEP FIGHTING FOUNDATION, a charitable institution established by the Schumacher family, pays tribute to the seven-time Formula 1™world champion and this special anniversary, presenting the exclusive collection MZ96, blending history and excellence.

The emblematic No.1 of this 91-pieces limited edition will be sold by the renowned London auction house Bonhams through an online auction.The auction will last for 13days, starting from November 17 that 1pm(GMT+1), coinciding with the Abu Dhabi Formula1™ Grand Prix, and ending on November 30th.

Bracelet No.1 will be customized in the right size by MONGRIP™ after the auction according to the winning bidder's specifications.

KEEP FIGHTING FOUNDATION was entrusted with the task of selecting a piece of MONGRIP™ memorabilia to create the prestigious new Limited Edition of the Legend collection: the choice fell upon a tyre used during Michael Schumacher's historic victory at the 1996 Monza Grand Prix. It was September 8th of that year and the Prancing Horse team had not won in the "Temple ofSpeed" for eight years. A passionate crowd of 120 thousand fans flooded the Italian race track, painting the grey asphalt as red as their fervour. Upon reaching the podium, Michael expressedhis joy with a leap that would become a ritual with each of his future successes.

Reflecting on that day, he said: "I have never seen so much emotion in the fans. It is a true collective madness and this is possible only in Italy. It's fantastic, I had goose bumps on the podium: the fans have waited a longtime for this result and they deserve it all!".

A left rear slick tyre signed by Michael himself, mounted on his F310 and used in the unforgettable Ferrarihome race, is the rare relic from which MONGRIP™ and the KEEP FIGHTING FOUNDATION have decided to create the limited edition MZ96.

MZ96 is not just a collection of bracelets but 91 authentic relics adorned with platinum and 7 diamonds, making this creation unprecedented and truly one of a kind in the world. Along with the certificate of authenticity containing all the information and images related to the tyre used by Michael Schumacher during the 1996 Monza race, an NFT card will be included. Through this card, the bracelet's owner can obtain the digital certificate of authenticity via blockchain.

For those unable to secure the No. 1, a first batch of 7 bracelets will be available for purchase on December 7th at 7pm (GMT+1) onthe official company website

Subsequently, the date for the availability of a second batch of bracelets will be announced, along with the option for a privileged pre-order. Somepieces from the collection will also be accessible starting from Saturday, December 9th, at the brand's official retailers in the Principality of Monaco. The purpose of KEEP FIGHTING FOUNDATION is the spirit also pursued by MONGRIP™ in the creation of this new Limited Edition, and the claim "Never Give Up" contains the essence of the mission of both.

“In addition to contributing to projects with which we identify, the collaboration with KEEP FIGHTING FOUNDATION aims to share a relic of anincredible sporting and human history so that nothing can be forgotten, just as we must always believe inour dreams andnot giving up never. This new edition not only aims to pay homage to the legendary Michael, but to offer an authentic collector's item and excellent fashion accessory for fans who want to stand out and leave their mark as Schumacher did inFormula 1™", states Giancarlo Medici, CEO of MONGRIP™. “I can hardly imagine anything more incredible than wearing a piece of authentic racinghistory on my wrist”, says Sabine Kehm onbehalf of KEEP FIGHTING FOUNDATION. “That must be a fulfilment for any motorsport fan. For the KEEP FIGHTING FOUNDATION, which aims to continue Michael's charitable work, the collaboration with MONGRIP™ is both an honour and a pleasure, because we clearly share the same passion. Michael's name is synonymous with quality and excellence, and nothingless is demonstrated with this Limited Edition.

With such a special piece of jewellery,his legacy is served ina big way.” MZ96 on sale from 07 December 2023 on Price: 8.000,00 euros (tax excluded)


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