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If James Bond has Aston Martin's ... then Batman should have the the new ZEUS Motorcycle!

Last Year Curtiss Motorcycles showcased a prototype of a new electric motorcycle at the 2018 Quail Motorcycle Gathering the radical ZEUS. Curtiss has now confirmed production of this futuristic electric motorcycle with plans to roll out in 2020

The original Zeus electric motorcycle sported two Zero electric motors coupled to a single drive shaft, known as the Curtiss E-twin platform. The chassis was machined billet aluminum and used bolted frame members instead of conventional welding. The rear suspension used a center-line cantilever mono-shock, and the front suspension employed a four-link girder mono-shock. 

For it's latest release Curtiss have pushed the boundaries of design further, looking like a vehicle from a blockbuster sci-fi film the two new production-ready versions: a Cafe Racer and a Bobber-style motorcycles will sport more than just radical designs – they’re also venerable powerhouses. With 190 horsepower and generating close to 200 Nm of torque this electric bike also packs a lithium-ion battery and range of 280 miles.

Both models are equipped with 17-inch wheels fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso rubbers while stopping power is provided by a set of Beringer front and back discs and calipers.

Zeus has had 30 years experience pre-selling, designing, and building high-end luxury motorcycles, in the realm of electric high end motorcycles. Both Zeus models are now announced with a purchase price of $60,000.


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