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Fisker have announced it was ready to take on Tesla again unveiling an unnamed electric SUV the first of three "affordable" electric vehicles coming from the car maker.

Although details are scarce a press release from Fisker says it will begin offering an electric SUV with an 80 kWh battery before the end of 2021. The company claims the as yet unnamed car will have a range of nearly 300 miles and sell for under $40,000. Dual motor versions will be offered as well. If it can build a boxy SUV with such a small battery that can go 300 miles on a single charge, that will be a remarkable achievement.

The electric SUV will be the first of three all new mass market vehicles and will be an “affordable mass market vehicle featuring captivating design touches that have been traditionally reserved for supercars in the past.”

Fisker says the car will have generous interior dimensions and that a prototype will be revealed before the end of 2019. It will be sold direct to customers using a “nationwide concierge service model” that will provide a “superior user and maintenance experience.”

More details like the name, final look of the SUV, and exact pricing will come by the end of this year. Reservations for the car will be available closer to the production date. 

Also like Tesla, Fisker is figuring out manufacturing plans, but will select a facility within the U.S.

Watch this space for further updates....


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